Elisabeth Kelan has published four books.

Men Stepping Forward

How do men interested in gender equality become ‘change makers’ and lead their organisation towards inclusion?

Directly addressing men, this innovative book reveals how they can be centrally involved in creating gender-inclusive cultures in their organisations. Using cutting-edge research, it suggests practical actions for men as leaders and managers to implement in order to make real changes .

Ideal for the time-poor professional, it is essential reading for all men who want to make a difference but don’t know where to start.

Available in paperback and ebook formats.

Gender and Corporate Boards

public and policy interest, which has led to many countries introducing quotas for women on boards, or to concerted voluntary action. However the way that directors are appointed remains opaque and prone to the influence of gender. Using a social constructionist understanding of gender and a discourse analysis, Gender and Corporate Boards explores the board appointment process through the experiences of women and men seeking non-executive board roles. The book is co-authored with Scarlett Brown.

Available in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.

Rising Stars

An in-depth examination of how to develop the next generation of female leaders, Rising Stars takes a closer look at the motivations, attitudes and perspectives of Generation Y and what this means for the workplace. Invaluable for Generation Y women to make sense of their own careers and the path they should take next.

Available in hardcover and ebook format.

Performing Gender at Work

Providing a unique insight into how gender is performed in contemporary high-tech work and introducing a creative and novel way of analyzing the fluidity and rigidity of gender at work through discourse analytic methods the author highlights how changes in the world of work interact with changes in gender relations.

Available in hardback, paperback and ebook formats.