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The Modern Work Etiquette Guide

The March 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan (US) features an article on the The Modern Work Etiquette Guide. ‘Rising Stars’ is mentioned in it. The article can be read here (takes a while to load).    

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Elisabeth Kelan will deliver a keynote address for the Harvard Business Club of London event celebrating 50 years of women at Harvard Business School at the Dorchester Hotel, London, on 7 March 2013.     

Presenting the ‘Rising Stars’ Bracelet

Natalia from Bunny Bracelets has created a unique  ‘Rising Stars’ bracelet to celebrate the launch of the book. All Bunny Bracelets are custom-made and created by hand in the South of France. Further details can be found here.          …

‘Rising Stars’ Launched in London

    Last week Monday, we celebrated the book launch of ‘Rising Stars’ at the glittering PwC More London office. Over 70 people came together to learn, discuss and celebrate the book. PwC supported the book and generously hosted the…